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If your question isn't answered below please feel free to contact us to ask any questions.

Do I Need A Full Bladder?

Yes, for the Early scans, its best to drink at least 1 litre of water 30-40mins before your appointment time. For the other scans it doesn't need to be full but also not empty, so drink as normal before you come and go to the toilet after the scan. If you drink your water on arrival, for your Early scan, you will need to wait about 20-30 mins for it to reach your bladder before the scan can start.

How Many People Can I Bring? 

Our room isn't massive but we have enough room for 4 adults to accompany you and children can sit on laps.

Is It Safe?

4D scans are no different to conventional 2D scanning in that they use sound waves to look inside the body. The images are collected by the ultrasound machine and then processed by the computer to give a three dimensional image. There has been much research over the years into ultrasound scanning but there is no evidence or reports of adverse effects on the baby or mother. We follow BMUS guidelines and follow the ALARA principle (as low as reasonably possible). All scans are undertaken by Ultrasound Advanced Practitioners who have extensive Obstetric scanning experience. All our sonographers work within the guidelines for the safe use of ultrasound equipment laid down by the British Medical Ultrasound Society

Do I Have To Pay A Deposit? 

We take a £25 deposit on booking and you pay the balance when you come on the day.  The deposit is refundable if the appointment is cancelled 24 hours before the appointment time. The reason we take a deposit is because of No Shows, this is where someone books an appointment and fails to show, as the appointment could of been booked to someone else.  

Can I Come Before 8 Weeks?

The reason we scan from 8 weeks is that dates of conception can vary by up to 2 weeks, this is because sperm can be active for up to 5 days and because ovulation can occur later in the cycle. If you book to come at 8 weeks but are actually only 6 weeks we will usually see the heartbeat (which usually starts around this time).Whereas if you book for 7 weeks and are actually 5 we would not see the heartbeat (without a Transvaginal Probe, which we do not use) so will either rebook you for a free follow up scan or give you a referral letter to take to your GP who can then arrange a scan with the hospital. It is better to wait for 8 weeks when using an external probe (one that goes on your tummy). 

When Can I Find Out The Gender?

We started to do the gender from 15 weeks in 2015 and, apart from having one wrong, we were very successful at getting the genders correct. We knew that some people were coming earlier than 15 weeks so in 2023 we decided to start offering them from 14 weeks 4 days, all correct so far, as far as I am aware. 

Are Your Gender Scans Accurate?

Since we started in 2005 we have had less than 10 gender scans wrong, I believe its around 7 incorrect, the last in 2015, so our accuracy is high, although we can never say its 100% as some babies are born with ambiguous genitalia.

Can I Leave Feedback?

We would love to hear your feedback whether it be positive or negative, its the only way we can improve.  So you can either email me or leave feedback on our Facebook page or fill in one of our feedback books while you are with us, after your scan.

Do You Do The Colour Change Lights?

We do have the colour change light if you are finding out the gender in the scan room. If you are having a gender reveal we can write down the gender for you and give it to you in a sealed envelope. We stock gender reveal cannons and balloons (but not the helium) If you want a Heart sound Bear, which is gender specific, we ask you choose which bear before the scan and then put it in a box so you don't know which one it is, until after your reveal.

Do You Check Everything Is OK With The Baby?

We aren't doing an anomaly scan, so we don't do the anomaly checks. We only employ trained sonographers to do our scans and if they see something they feel needs to be checked then they will do a letter of referral for you to take back to your GP.  However, when we see people, for early scans its far too soon to see if there are any anomalies, at 8 weeks they haven't even started to grow their arms and legs yet. With the gender scans, from 14 weeks, things are much smaller than at the 20 week scan so we are less likely to pick anything up and we spend most of the scan time looking to get the gender correct and getting good pictures for you.

Do You Charge Extra For Twins?

No we don't charge extra for twins, however we don't always get good pictures of both babies during the 4D scan as one tends to obscure the other.  The best time for twins in 4D is 23-26 weeks.

Can I Bring Children With Me?

Well behaved children are more than welcome.  Its a good idea to bring something for the very little ones to eat/drink and something they can watch on your phone, as they do get bored quite quickly.

Can I Hear Babies Heartbeat?

Due to recommendations we now use the Umbilical Cord to hear the sounds of the babies heart for the recording of the  Heartbeat Bears, over 14 weeks.  If you would like to hear this please ask during the scan. The sonographer will always show you the Heartbeat so you can see it during the scan.

Can I record the scan?

You cannot record the scan to your phone however you can facetime family who can't attend with you. The USB has some cine-loops as well as still images saved to it, which you can purchase for £4.50, if not already included in your scan. You can purchase a DVD recording of the scan for £10, please tell us before the scan starts if your require a DVD or a USB stick.

What Is 4D Ultrasound And What Is The Difference Between 4D and HD?

4D ultrasound has been available since 2005, adding the fourth dimension, time, to a 3D image. 4D Ultrasound takes multiple 2-dimensional images, creates a 3-dimensional image and then adds the element of time to the process. This results in 3D live action images of your unborn child. HD takes that 4D image and enhances it, it changes the colour to a more realistic pink and we have the ability to highlight certain areas of the face, a good 4D image will give you a really good HD image.

Do I Need A Doctors Referral To Have a 4D Scan?

No you don't, because 4D scans are self-initiated, non medical scans so you do not need a referral from your midwife or GP.

When Is The Best Time For A 4D Or HD Scan?

26-28 weeks is usually the best time as the baby is still relatively small and there is plenty of water around the baby, so the sonographer will be able to obtain the best pictures. However, we can perform 4D/HD scans from 24 weeks - 30 weeks, often with good results. If your placenta is anterior you would need to come a bit earlier 25-27 weeks.  If you are having twins then 23-25 weeks is best, we can't always get good images of both babies as one usually obscures the other.

Early scans can be booked after your first positive pregnancy test. You need to be 8 weeks for the scan, so you can work that out by booking for 6 weeks after the1st day of your last period.

Gender Scans are best booked after your NHS 12 week dating scan, as the NHS will give you a due date, which we work from.

4D and HD scans are best booked after your 20 week scan.

When Is The Best Time To Book My Scan?

Should I Bring Anything With Me To My Scan?

If you have notes then its a good idea to bring them, bring a drink and a snack in case you have to have a walk or are with us a little while. There are shops nearby where you can buy refreshments.

How Long Does It Take?

The scans usually take up to 10 mins but it really depends on baby as to how long you will be with us. If baby is in a good position and we get the images then you are usually with us about 30 mins in total, however if baby is being shy then be prepared to be with us for longer.

Can You Always Get Good Images?

We can usually get really lovely face images. However, if the baby has an arm in front of the face or is resting against the wall of the uterus, it is difficult to get a good image. The chance of getting a good images increases around 26 weeks as there is plenty of amniotic fluid around the baby, and the tissue between the skin and bones of the flesh has started to fill out. 16. 

What Happens If I Don't Get Get Good Images?

We will do everything we can to get you good images on the day, if baby isn't in a good position initially then we will send you for a walk, we may repeat this a couple of times.  Usually this works and we get the images. If this doesn't work then we always have the option to carry the scan over to another day.

Do I Still Need To Attend My Hospital Scans?

Yes, you must still attend your NHS antenatal care and you should attend all hospital and midwife appointments as normal.

What If An Unexpected Abnormality Is Found?

The scans we do aren't diagnostic scans and we aren't looking for abnormalities during the scan, however if something is found we will do a letter of referral for you to take to your GP.

What Packages Are Available And What Is The Cost?

Please see our Services page for details and costs.

How Do I Pay?

You pay a deposit on booking and then you pay the balance after the scan, this can be cash or card.

When Do I Get My Images?

All your items are ready to take home on the day, whether it be the DVD, USB, Heart bear and printed images.

How Do I Book An Appointment?

You can book via the website by clicking on the services tab. You can call 01473 625696.

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