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 Privacy Policy

A 4D Baby Privacy Policy for Clients


When you book a scan with A 4D Baby our staff need to collect some of your personal data from you and this data that you provide us with will be stored for our records.  This notice explains in more detail what our staff need to collect from you and why it is necessary for us to keep it. 


Our staff need to take this personal data from you in order to provide you with our services. When you book a scan, either via our website or by telephone, our staff need you to provide us with your name, contact phone number, email address and sometimes home address.  Our staff need this information so that they know who is coming for a scan and how to get in touch with that person if necessary. Your details are stored on our booking system electronically and our staff will also keep your name, contact phone number and email address in the diary as a back up to the electronic booking system.  Access to the current diary hard copy is limited to those members of staff who need access in order to process the bookings and the old diaries are kept in locked storage.  Access to our electronic booking system is limited to those members of staff who need access in order to process the bookings and this access is password protected. Your personal details are not shared unless you need to be referred back to your medical provider, in this instance your personal details will be shared with your medical provider via a written letter that we will give to you to pass on to your medical provider.  The personal details contained in such a letter would be details such as your name, your date of birth, your medical/hospital number if you have it and your home address.  These details are needed by your medical provider so that they can correctly identify you.


When you come for your scan our staff will ask you to provide us with some more personal data, this would be your first name, your partners first name and babies due date, this data is written on your consent form and this data is entered into the Ultrasound Scan Machine and will appear on your pictures. If you are having a gender scan our staff will write the gender of the baby on your consent form, this is in case we need to refer back to it at a later date.  After your scan your consent form is kept in a folder, so other clients cannot see your details and at the end of the scanning day the consent forms are stored in a locked store room before being transferred to access restricted long term storage.  We have to keep these consent forms for up to 30 years for legal reasons and would only be shared with another party if it was necessary for legal reasons.  Your details that are entered into the ultrasound machine are deleted every 4-5 months and only staff have access to this machine, these details are not shared with anyone, unless you are referred and images taken from the ultrasound machine are sent with your referral letter.


If you write feedback in the visitor feedback book your details will be available for everyone to see so please be aware of this, you do not need to fill in your address a first name is sufficient, that way you cannot be easily identified by other people.


If we run a competition your data (if you enter that competition) will be collected for the purposes of the competition and, unless necessary to keep, will be destroyed after its use.


Collecting your data in the above ways is highly unlikely to cause you any adverse affects and highly unlikely to cause reason to object or complain.


Your data may also be collected online via social media platforms, for example if you follow our facebook page, and this Data may be used by social media sites in order to analyse a variety of data.  You may find that you recieve more adverts to do with pregnancy and childbirth after you have visited our page, this is because the social media sites will use your data to target adverts that they feel would interest you.  As this is out of our control its best to contact the social media site directly if you have any objections to your data being used in this way.

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